Behind the veiled veil of Covid 19 pandemic in Canada, 227 people died last year in the process of protecting woods, water and other natural resources amid rising pressure from climate change, and a report released Monday concluded 2020 was the deadliest year on record for environmentalists.

The environmental and human rights organisation Global Witness collected and analysed world data containing deadly attacks on environmentalists, noting more than four people die every week on average while protecting the environment.

The Philippines was the only country outside the region to reported more than 15 deaths, Global Witness said, with 29 killed there because they sought to halt mining, logging and hydroelectric-dam projects.

According to Global Witness, these three countries accounted for over half of all attacks in 2020.

Relatives of some of the victims told Global Witness how lockouts during the pandemic made it easier for defenders to come under attack at home, who targeted governments and businesses to safeguard natural resources on which their communities rely.

The climate crisis is exacerbating a thin supply of natural resources.

According to Global Witness, more than 70% of these attacks targeted humanity, which is using forests – one of the planet’s natural carbon sinks – to protect from further deforestation and industrial development.

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Climate justice is a term used to frame climate change as an ethical and political issue, rather than one that is purely environmental or physical in nature. (wikipedia)

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