Two manga-style Avatars lock swords in front of a cartoonish setting as Alexander Poone explains the various worlds of “The Traveller” a video game based on a graphic novel.

The organizers of the continent’s biggest gaming programming gathering aim to help the gaming industry to meet demand and unlock the potential of local talent.

And there will be many more to follow.

Burdened by poverty and infrastructure issues like reliable telecommunications and power supplies, Africa consistently lagged far behind other continents in gambling.

Other developers make games not only for fun but social purposes too.

Event co-founder Nick Hall said that many publishers wanted African-style content.

Africa, together with China and India, is projected to expand to over a billion players; the continent is home to the industry’s “last untapped consumer audience” Hall said.

South Africa is by far the continent’s largest gambling market with 40 percent of the population, while Ghana and Nigeria are the second largest countries.

Video game

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Mobile game

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