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White House Abraham Accords signing ceremony on September 15, 2020[834] In 2020, 71% of Israelis expressed confidence in Trump as president.[835] – CC

No matter what election day happens for President Trump and Joe Biden, the US won’t be a part of the Paris climate agreement at midnight, a report has claimed.

The United States formally withdrew from the Paris climate-change agreement on Wednesday, the first nation in the world to withdraw from the international climate pact to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions.

Irrespective of the outcome, there is one settled fact: On November 4, the US will officially withdraw from the 2015 Paris Climate Accord.

“an existential threat to humanity”Joe Biden

Biden described climate change and global warming as “an existential threat to humanity” and said the U.S. has a “moral obligation” to help deal with them.

Countries set their own targets for containing global warming, aiming to keep global warming well below 2 ° Celsius above pre-industrial levels and strive to limit warming to an increasingly ambitious 1.5 ° C target.

Trump’s Democratic rival, Joe Biden, by contrast, has promised to withdraw from the Paris accord if he wins the Presidential election.

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