Electric Reliability Council of Texas – ERCOT headquarters in Austin, Texas.

In this February 23, 2021 file photo, Ricki Mills is seen from home while waiting for fire hydrant to be turned on in Dallas to fetch water.

Most of the deaths in Texas have been attributed to hypothermia, according to the Texas Department of Public Health.

The list of death toll from the February blizzard has carved a broad swath across the state of 30 million: Some deaths were as much north as Oklahoma and others close to the Mexican border.

Many households were without power or drinking water for days after sub-zero temperatures, crumbling power stations, and record heat demand left the Texas grid beyond repair.

Texas officials initially put the death toll at around 57 this month, but they cautioned that it would rise.

The autopsy found that the cause of death was hypothermia, which develops when the body loses warmth more quickly than it can produce.

“As people get colder, their mental status can change, and they can become unresponsive and not think as clearly,”Deborah Diercks

‘As people age their mental health can change, they can’ t be more likeable or think so clearly,’ said Deborah Diercks, MD, Director of Emergency Medicine at UT Southwestern.

Texas Interconnection

The Texas Interconnection is an alternating current power grid – a wide area synchronous grid – that covers most of the state of Texas. (wikipedia)

February 13–17, 2021 North American winter storm

The February 13–17, 2021 North American winter storm, unofficially referred to as Winter Storm Uri, was a major winter and ice storm that had widespread impacts across the United States, (wikipedia)

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Electric Reliability Council of Texas

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. is an American organization that operates Texas’s electrical grid, the Texas Interconnection, (wikipedia)


Texas and population . Texas shares borders with the states of Louisiana to the east, Arkansas to the northeast, Oklahoma to the north, New Mexico to the west, and the Mexican states of Chihuahua, (wikipedia)