Firefighters at Wooroloo, near Perth, Australia on Monday. The fire doubled in size overnight and burned through 7,366 hectares of farm and woodland. – CC

Firefighters in Western Australia battled gusty winds and high temperatures on Tuesday as they battled a bushfire that scorched thousands of hectares of land and burned over 56 homes.

“threat to lives and homes”Mark McGowan

A runaway Perth Hills bushfire that has destroyed 59 homes is “extremely volatile” and an “threat to lives and homes” WA Premier Mark McGowan has issued a warning.

Western Australia Department of Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Police Administrator Craig Waters said the fire had doubled overnight and had devastated 7,366 hectares of agricultural and forestry territory.

More than a dozen suburbs on the outskirts of the Western Australian capital have been put on an emergency watch, as flames continue to move west.

People living in a section of a 25 km stretch that stretches south from Wooroloo to Walyunga National Park northeast of Perth were notified on Tuesday that leaving their houses had become too dangerous.

Chief of Fire & Rescue Service Peter Sutton said about 250 firefighters battled the unpredictable blaze.

The streets of the semi-rural suburb of The Vines on the northern edge of Perth were bumper after bumper laden with traffic, leading some people to stay put.

They fled to see a friend who is awaiting a text alert them to go home.

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