Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison to run in May elections that are being held under economic compulsion in China, Climate Change, and the pandemic Covid 19, amongst other conditions.

It’s a tactic that clearly works.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s advice to Governor-General David Hurley, representing the head of state of Australia, the Queen, was to set the date of the vote on Sunday.

Opposition Labor Party chief Anthony Albanese, the 59-year-old warden of a low-budget campaign focused on Morrison’s performance in the face of the crises, wants the Nine years of Liberal National Party rule to come to a close.

Morrison’s Tory coalition is seeking a fourth three-year term in office.

Morrison defied all odds to win what he called a “miracle” election in May 2019, even though he was significantly outperformed in most polls.

Australia succeeded in containing the Covid-19 pandemic deaths by limiting international travel

The government has defended its pandemic record, and considers it deserves credit that Australia has the third lowest death rate among the 38 countries represented by the Organization for economic Development and Co-operation in Development.

Scott Morrison

Scott John Morrison is an Australian politician serving as the 30th and current prime minister of Australia. (wikipedia)

Liberal Party of Australia

The Liberal Party of Australia is a major centre-right political party in Australia, one of the two major parties in Australian politics, along with the centre-left Australian Labor Party. (wikipedia)

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