Avalanche on Indian glacier leaves 18 dead, over 200 missing

The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat.

Rescuers were searching the Indian Himalayas Monday for an estimated 170 person missing, including some who were trapped in the tunnel after bits of a glacier broke off and hurled a stream of water, stone and dust down a mountain valley.

The violent climb on Sunday below India’s second-highest peak of Nanda Devi swept out the small Rishiganga hydropower station and damaged a larger that would be built further downstream from the Dhauliganga River by the state-owned NTPC power plant.

Eighteen bodies have so far been retrieved, authorities say.

A team of scientists flew over the crash site Monday to discover exactly what happened.

“As of now, around 203 people are missing,”Trivendra Singh Rawat

As of yet, about 203 people have been missing, said Trivendra Singh Rawat, chief minister of the state.

Videos posted on social media showed water splashing through a small dam, washing away building equipment and bringing small bridges to a standstill.

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