The Trump administration said on Monday it will hire more firefighters and boost their salaries while officials step up response efforts amid a severe drought setting the groundhog groundswell for another destructive summer of intense wildfires in the west.

The pay increase comes in the form of incentives to retain staff and extra bonuses given to Those on the Front Line.

Regarding forest fires, officials have agreed to work with Congress to find a permanent fix, raising firefighter salaries and allowing more seasonal firefighters to remain in the countryside.

President Joe Biden announced the moves during a virtual meeting involving governors of Western states, as an enormous section of the Pacific Northwest weathers one of the worst heatwaves in recent memory.

A White House spokesman said invited governors “a cross-section of states impacted by wildfires” and said Biden would continue working with governors of both parties on the issue.

The US forestry department and the Department of the Interior together have about 14.000 firefighters deployed.

The leaders’ meeting took place as Arizona marked the eighth anniversary of a 2013 wildfire that killed 19 members of an elite firefighter team.

These numbers were reversed earlier but have changed as fire times get longer and heavier.

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