Ancient woodland – Ancient woodland at Brading, Isle of Wight, England showing bluebells (blue flowers, Hyacinthoides non-scripta), ramsons (white flowers, Allium ursinum) and hazel (trees, Corylus avellana).

Indigenous woodlands are at a crisis point, with only 7% in good condition, according to an initial full health assessment.

Forests and trees in Britain are nearing crisis point amid a ‘barrage’ of threats.

Trees should play an important part in helping the United Kingdom cope with climate change and restore wildlife in one of the most nature-damaged countries on earth.

Domestic forests and trees can help to rein in carbon emissions and reverse wildlife decline, but if they fail to respond to the challenges they face, they will undermine efforts to tackle both the climate and the natural crisis of habitat conundrum, warns the charity.

Centenarian ancient forests, with their vast wildlife, cover 2.5% of the UK but at least 1.225 of these forests are threatened by new building, according to Woodland Trust.

Forests and trees face a flood of threats, including imported diseases, invasive plants and the direct loss of forests for development, while what of them remains is fragmented, the report suggests.

Specific trees located in fields accounted for 20% of all trees, according to the report, and can be important interim stops between forests for wildlife.


A woodland ) is, in the broad sense, land covered with trees, or in a narrow sense, synonymous with wood , a low-density forest forming open habitats with plenty of sunlight and limited shade . (wikipedia)

Ancient woodland

In the United Kingdom, an ancient woodland is a woodland that has existed continuously since 1600 or before in England, Wales and Northern Ireland . (wikipedia)

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Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust is the largest woodland conservation charity in the United Kingdom concerned with the creation, protection, and restoration of native woodland heritage. (wikipedia)

Environment and Climate Change Canada

Environment and Climate Change Canada ; legally incorporated as the Department of the Environment) (wikipedia)