Canada’s new climate plan relies on carbon sequestration to cut forecast greenhouse gas emissions in its oil and gas sector by almost 13 percent by 2030.

Canada’s first road map to reducing emissions will rely heavily on the oil and gas sector to help Ottawa meet its 2030 climate target, but there’s still a sizeable gap between what industry and government call achievable reductions.

Politicians from the Quebec bloc, the NDP and the Green group also have been critical of the tax credit and the new climate plan.

Oil and gas is Canada’s most polluting sector and it produces 26% of total emissions.

If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government tries to meet its climate action target of cutting global emissions to 40-45% below 2005 levels by 2030, the oil and gas industry will have to cut back sharply.

Shell’s Quest, Alberta-based CCUS project has an 39% capture rate, but a recent Global Witness report showed that the plant, which produces blue hydrogen, actually releases more carbon than it captures.

According to the forecast, by 2030 the sector will cut its emissions by 31% compared with 2005 levels, a reduction that is significantly lower than the 88% reduction in the electricity sector but still more than the 11% cut in the energy sector.

“Ignore the predictions of science and start doubling down on risky technology, and you put your whole lives in jeopardy,” said @ lev _ jf on the # Emissions Reduction Plan’s reliance on carbon capture to reduce emissions in oil & gas # cdnpoli, which accounts for 80 percent of Canada’s captured carbon, leading to an increase in oil production, the report says.

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