Chaos on Canada’s west coast is a taste of impending climate catastrophes

World leaders have just returned home from COP26, the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow, and are busy discussing all the progress they have shown in addressing climate change policies.

On time happened on the west coast of Canada which gave us the opportunity to look forward to our dangerous future in the environment area.

Last June, British Columbia sat under a hugely erratic ‘heat dome’ that pushed temperatures to astonishing heights.

Fires, smoke and life-threatening heat wrapped both sides of the US border with Canada, but it was especially violent above the 49th parallel where the city of Lytton was celebrating topping out at 121 degrees Fahrenheit before being entirely engulfed in the flames of a brushwood fire.

Now just a couple of months later, an “atmospheric river” has blanketed the same area with a storm surge that flooding large parts of the country, caused mudslides and avalanches.

Internalizing this is an important task, not least because it would provide us with some flexibility in responding to natural disasters and in supporting the resilience of our supply chains after the worst discrete weather phenomena are past.

Adding flooding throughout cities, polluted urban water systems, and gas lines cut by winter weather creates a dire picture of Canada’s western coast.

United Nations Climate Change conference

S are yearly conferences held in the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (wikipedia)

National Post

The National Post is a Canadian English-language broadsheet daily newspaper. The paper is the flagship publication of Postmedia Network, and is published Tuesdays through Saturdays. (wikipedia)

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2005 United Nations Climate Change Conference

The 2005 United Nations Climate Change Conference took place between November 28 and December 9, 2005, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (wikipedia)

2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, is the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference. It is being held at the SEC Centre in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, (wikipedia)

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