A dim report released Wednesday by Britain’s Environmental Protection Agency warns that devastation from climate change is already beginning and will force the country to adapt rapidly.

Global warming will boost demand for water supplies, EPA says.

“Unfortunately, global land temperatures have already risen by about 1.1°C, and further increase is inevitable due to the carbon emissions of the past. Temperatures will soon be teetering on the edge of +1.5°C, which is the most optimistic international goal, with +2°C in sight,” the Environment Bureau said, adding:”As we look ahead to the COP26 summit in Glasgow later this year, we can be sure that this is the last chance to keep global temperature rise close to 1.5°C or even 2°C.”

“If we do the right things, we can successfully address the climate emergency,” she said,”but we are running out of time to adopt effective adaptation measures.” While containment would save the planet, adaptation or the capacity to prepare to cope with climate shocks will save millions of lives.”The analysis predicts that London will rise 9 inches by the 2050s and about 18 inches by the 2080s.

“adapt or die.”Emma Howard Boyd

Sky News quoted agency chairwoman Emma Howard Boyd as adding that the agency was in “a very good position to adjust or kill.” Germany has faced floods this summer, which she described as “quite unusual.”

Dedicated to living better in a changing climate, the United Kingdom Government commissioned report focuses on how the country needs to adjust to the consequences of global warming.

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Sky News says Emma Howard Boyd is sounding careful.

The different impacts of climate change are already apparent.

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