SNP and Greens ministers have been warned by their independent advisers they “will not be acting to the extent or speed needed” to adapt to the effects of the climate crisis.

Over the last 30 years, experts say the Scottish average temperature has risen by 0.5 ° C, winters have become 5% wetter and there has been a 5in rise in sea levels along the Scottish coast in the decade.

The Climate Change Committee (CCC), advice to the Scottish and UK governments, warns that the Scottish Government is “stalled” in its approach to adapting to the effects of climate change, putting people, businesses and critical infrastructure at risk.

CCC’s Chairman, Julia King, Baroness Brown, said that measures were “action is not happening at the scale or pace required” and Scotland needed to bring “up its game”

Energy and Transport Secretary Michael Matheson also said: “The Scottish Government welcomes independent scrutiny of our response to the global climate emergency and asked the Climate Change Committee to prepare this report on our approach to adaptation.

The results found that planning for adaptation of the country’s infrastructure was “insufficient” and that ports, airports, telecommunications, digital and ICT infrastructure faced “substantial climate risks”

The CCC has warned ministers that there will be “there are no overarching plans and limited actions to prepare Scotland for supply chain disruption from climate change”

National anthem of Scotland

As Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, the British national anthem God Save The Queen is used in Scotland for example for royal occasions, or when Scottish athletes participate at the Olympics. (wikipedia)

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