Just a few days after Southern California had some of the hottest spots in the county, a sharp cooling should put a spotlight on rainfall and thunderstorms in the region by weekend, meteorologists said on Wednesday.

Temperatures are projected to dip over Southern California until the weekend, the evening temperatures expected in downtown Los Angeles during Saturday night as well as Sunday night to be below 40 degrees, Storm said.

Precipitation during this time of year is currently only half an inch below normal, due to a wet December that has brought record temperatures to the region.

A muddy accumulation on a section of Interstate 5 known as Grapevine is possible in the late evening of Friday night through early Saturday morning, but snow is not expected to fall in Los Angeles.

Snow levels are expected to drop to 5.500 feet before continuing to drop to approximately 4.000 feet by Friday morning.

Thunderstorms are likely, and because of frigid upper atmosphere air there is even a slight chance of hail in some of the heaviest showers.

The first two months of 2022 were among the driest on record for Los Angeles and surrounding counties, posting record precipitation, said the National Weather Service.

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