A 39-year-old Colorado woman has died in an apparent black bear attack-only the fourth fatal attack in the state since records began in 1960, authorities announced on Saturday.

The body of the 39-year-old Durango woman was found Friday by her friend, hours after she went from the road, Jason Clay, a spokesman for parks and wildlife says.

The woman’s friend told police that he had returned home around 8.30pm and found the pair’s two dogs outdoors, but his girlfriend was missing.

Her boyfriend returned home to find her 8 dogs outdoors at 8.30pm and started looking and discovering her body an hour later, Clay said.

Authorities have not released the man’s real name.

Clay said the agency has received several reports of bears that did so from the Durango area this spring, but it’s the first instance of an apparent assault.

An autopsy of the victim have yet to be done but authorities found bearskin, scat and ‘signs of consumption on the body,’, according to the animals department.

The bears have been euthanized and sent to the CPW Wildlife Health Lab in Fort Collins for necroplia.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Manages the state parks system and the wildlife of the U.S. State of Colorado. The division currently manages the 41 state parks and 307 wildlife areas of Colorado (wikipedia)

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Durango, Colorado

Dean Brookie Durango is the county seat and the most populous municipality of La Plata County, Colorado, United States. It is home to Fort Lewis College (wikipedia)

Mueller State Park

Mueller State Park is a Colorado state park encompassing 5,112 acres of land outside Divide, Colorado, west of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The park offers many outdoor activities. (wikipedia)