Spain, France and other west European countries were hit by a June heatwave on Saturday, causing fires and worries that it is now becoming the norm for early summer heatwaves.

Rising temperatures over the weekend culminated in a June heatwave that was consistent with scientists’ predictions that global warming would occur earlier this year.

Biarritz in southern France, one of the country’s most popular seaside resorts, recorded it on Saturday with a world-record 41 degrees, the state-run weather service Meteo France said.

Queues of thousands have built up outside amusement parks in France, with people viewing water as their sole shelter from the devastating heat.

Western Europe

Western Europe is the western region of Europe. The region’s countries and territories vary depending on context. Beginning with foreign exploration during the Age of Discovery, (wikipedia)

World Meteorological Organization

The World Meteorological Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for promoting international cooperation on atmospheric science, climatology, hydrology and geophysics. (wikipedia)

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