‘An explosive phase of the eruption may begin with very little warning,’ the University of West Indies Seismic Research Centre said in a release.

The new eruption comped mandatory evacuation orders issued on Thursday to residents of the volcano.

“People should be vaccinated,” said Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves at a news conference, as people get on board a cruise liner or take temporary shelter on another island.

Many feared that evacuation efforts might be stymied by the pandemic, but Gonsalves said cruise ships and other islands will have to vaccinate evacuees.

Gonsalves said he was speaking to Carribean governments to ensure that people were given ID cards if they without their passports.

Mr Gonsalves added he strongly advises those opting for a refuge in St Vincent and the Grenadines, an island chain with a population of more than 100.000 people, to get vaccinated if they choose.

Gonsalves urged people to stay calm and regulated.

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Ralph Gonsalves

Ralph Everard Gonsalves is a Vincentian politician. He is currently the Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and leader of the Unity Labour Party . (wikipedia)

Politics of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Politics of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines takes place in the framework of a parliamentary democracy. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an independent Commonwealth realm, (wikipedia)

Kick ’em Jenny

Kick ’em Jenny is an active submarine volcano or seamount on the Caribbean Sea floor, located 8 km north of the island of Grenada and about 8 km west of Ronde Island in the Grenadines. (wikipedia)

La Soufrière (volcano)

La Soufrière or Soufrière Saint Vincent is an active volcano on the island of Saint Vincent in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. (wikipedia)

Saint Vincent (Antilles)

Saint Vincent is a volcanic island in the Caribbean. It is the largest island of the country Saint Vincent and the Grenadines island chain. It is located in the Caribbean Sea, (wikipedia)