Strong wind gusts, drought conditions and extreme temperatures have sparked various wildfires in Texas, including one that destroyed approximately 30 buildings and burned more than 9.000 acres, according to authorities on Thursday.

A Taylor County forest fire just off I-20 between Dallas and Midland, home to Abilene shows ‘extreme fire behavior’, according to a tweet by the Texas A&M Forest Service.

The Coconut Fire in Wilbarger County has scorched an estimated 25.000 acres and was 20 percent contained by Thursday morning.

The Texas A&M Forest Service on May 18 released a video from the Mesquite Heat Fire showing a huge blaze and strong winds sending plumes of smoke swirling over the area.

Firefighters suffered burns as they fought the fire on Tuesday.

Update 6 : 18 p.m.: The Taylor County Fire Department has urged those living in our adjacent Highway 277 neighborhood to evacuate now because the blaze engulfed our homes.

2011 Texas wildfires

The 2011 Texas wildfires were a series of destructive wildfires in Texas that occurred in the 2011 fire season. During 2011 in Texas, around 31,453 fires had burned 4,000,000 acres or 16, (wikipedia)