French astronaut reveals what climate change looks like from Space

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet has used a video call from space to raise the alarm further as negotiators, officials and activists gather at a United Nations climate change conference in Glasgow.

He also spent 197 days in orbit during the 2016-2017 holiday season.

‘We didn’ t see all the regions burn, in Canada, in California,’ he said of the International Space Station.

The French astronaut Thomas Pesquet gave a video call from space describing the impact of global warming as part of an international trip to the International Space Station.

Pesquet travels to the space station for the second time.

Pesquet told French President Emmanuel Macron by phone on Thursday that the space station’s portholes “symbolized the intrusive fragility of mankind’s only home.”

Macron said negotiators in Scotland at the United Nations climate change conference should aim to “accelerate the response of humanity.”

The destructive effects of human activities became increasingly apparent, Pesquet said.

International Space Station

The International Space Station is a modular space station in low Earth orbit. It is a multinational collaborative project involving five participating space agencies: NASA , Roscosmos , JAXA , (wikipedia)

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron is a French politician who has been serving as the president of France since 14 May 2017. Born in Amiens, Macron studied philosophy at Paris Nanterre University, (wikipedia)

Thomas Pesquet

Thomas Gautier Pesquet is a French aerospace engineer, pilot, and European Space Agency astronaut. Pesquet was selected by ESA as a candidate in May 2009, (wikipedia)

2017 French presidential election

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The 2017 French presidential election was held on 23 April and 7 May 2017. As no candidate won a majority in the first round, a runoff was held between the top two candidates, (wikipedia)

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