Puerto Rico Fire Fighters at Miles Fire (southwestern Oregon).

Two people were killed in the Sandalwood fire that destroyed Riverside and San Bernardino counties on Oct.

Antonio Ornelas-Velazquez, 38, was arrested in Cal Fire/Riverside County, located on Saturday, February 13, in Desert Hot Springs, California.

Gusts as far as 45 mph whipped the flames out, contributing to a blaze which scorched more than 1.000 acres and killed two residents at a nearby RV park in Calimesa.

It was not clear whether Ornelas-Velazquez would be represented by a lawyer who could speak on his behalf.

A 38-year-old man charged with dumping a burning garbage cargo from a garbage truck that sparked the Sandalwood fire in Riverside County in 2019 was arrested in connection with the fatal fire.

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