Greta Thunberg has published a new book with 100 leading Climate Change experts and campaigners, to give a rundown of how the planet’s challenges relate and tell “the unvarnished truth” about how and why the world is changing.

It holds contributions by more than 100 scientists, thinkers, and activists, including the writers Margaret Atwood and Amitav Ghosh, climate scientist Saleemul Huq, and World Health Organization chief executive Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

The Climate Book will be presenting such acclaimed experts as Johan Rockstrom, Michael Mann, Katherine Hayhoe, Friedrike Otto, Stefan Rahmstorf, Saleemul Huq and Carlos Nobre, and Thomas Piketty, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Naomi Klein and Amitav Ghosh.

Participants like Kenyan environmentalist Wanjira Mathai, Brazilian indigenous activist Sonia Guajajara, French economist Thomas Piketty, and Canadian journalist Naomi Klein offer, along with Thunberg’s own stories of “learning, demonstrating, and uncovering greenwashing around the world.””gripping tales of change.”

Chloe Currens, Publisher of Penguin Press, London, continued “In The Climate Book, Greta has proven herself to be one of our finest and most galvanising new writers.

Thunberg says that climate activist Greta Thunberg hoped the book, which will be released in the UK by Allen Lane on October 27 and in the US by Penguin Press in early 2023, will “go-to source for understanding these different, closely interconnected crises.”

Greta Thunberg

Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg ; born 3 January 2003) is a Swedish environmental activist who is known for challenging world leaders to take immediate action for climate change mitigation. (wikipedia)

Penguin Random House

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Penguin Random House LLC is a multinational conglomerate publishing company formed in 2013 from the merger of Penguin Group and Random House. In April 2020, (wikipedia)