Heat Warning for B.C.: Firefighters battle wildfires across province

More than 1.200 forest fires have burned so far this year in B.C.

On Saturday Environment and Climate Change Canada released a special declaration about air quality in parts of metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley which warned elevated ozone levels could pose health risks from the heatwave.

Wildfires to burn over a million hectares in 2018.

Most burn in Kamloops area

In 2007, the province pledged to reduce its emissions by 33 percent by 2020.

Anyone subjected to an evacuation order should leave the region immediately.

If the province had kept this promise, wouldn’t 2017 and 2018 have been as disastrous?

Most of the active fires are thought to be caused by lightning strikes, with more expected in the coming days.

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Lytton wildfire

The Lytton Fire, also known as the Lytton Creek Fire, is an ongoing wildfire that started on June 30, 2021, just south of the village of Lytton in British Columbia, Canada. (wikipedia)

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