High temperatures and climate change: fires consume large parts of the planet, and in Algeria there have been 42.

Firefighting planes helped halt the bushfires that threat the northern city of Istiaia, on the Greek island of Euboea, on Tuesday.

“It’s a very bad year all over the Mediterranean region. We believe that this is caused by an above-average hot July in the region.”Yusuf Serengil

Dr Yusuf Serengil from the Faculty of Forestry at Istanbul University said: “It is a very bad year all over the Mediterranean,” because “It’s a very bad year all over the Mediterranean region. We believe that this is caused by an above-average hot July in the region.”

A fire is burning in southwestern Mugla province.

The Turkish authorities are facing criticism because they have been caught off guard by the recent fires and do not have sufficient aircraft to help fight them.

More than two hundred fires raged in scarcely half of the country’s provinces, resulting in eight fatalities.

Climate change increases the risk of hot, dry weather, which probably will fuel wildfires.

The vast blaze has been burning for over a month, destroying hundreds of homes.

Throughout the rainforest in Brazil, as well as Peru and Bolivia, a more average season is expected.

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Dixie Fire

The Dixie Fire is an active wildfire in Butte, Plumas and Lassen Counties, California. It is named after the road where it started. (wikipedia)

national parks of the United States

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The United States has 63 protected areas designated and known as national parks that are operated by the National Park Service, an agency of the Department of the Interior. (wikipedia)

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Beckwourth Complex fires

The Beckwourth Complex is a wildfire complex currently burning in Plumas National Forest in Plumas County and Lassen in the United States. Comprising two wildfires, the Dotta Fire and the Sugar Fire, (wikipedia)