Summer 2022 could become a “perfect storm for glaciers” because of warming temperatures and a shortage of winter snow, an expert has warned.¬†Increasing temperatures associated with climate change are wakening what were once thought to be inactive, nearly petrified sheets of ice, making glaciers in Europe’s Alps more unstable and deadly.

The impact of the dryness on crops in the productive Po Valley has received attention as Italy has been sweltering in an early summer heat wave. Not only that, but because of the heat waves, the glacier in the Dolomites is also melting at a high pace.

A glacier fell on the summit of Marmolada in the Dolomites, a mountain range in northeastern Italy, on Sunday, killing at least six people. The mountain is the best in the mountain range, with a peak elevation of more than 3,300 meters.

“This summer 2022 risks being the perfect storm for glaciers,” said Giovanni Baccolo, an ecologist and glaciologist at the University of Milan-Bicocca, referring to Italy’s lack of snow in winter as well as a grimly hot start to summer.

Nobody could have predicted how the Marmolada Glacier would respond, he told Reuters. “Glaciers like the Marmolada are termed ‘placid,’ and they are anticipated to merely recede,” says the author.

Baccolo said that people who are fearless with their quest to flee the summer heat back to the mountains should be careful where they venture.

Temperatures in the usually frosty city of Marmolada attained 10 degrees on Saturday, according to Veneto region’s governor Luca Zaia.

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The enormous amounts of ice collapsed near Punta Rocca on a path that hikers and climbers normally take to reach the peak, as the Mountain Rescue Service announced.

The high-altitude glaciers like the Marmolada are often steep, and rely on cold temperatures below 5C to remain stable, said Poul Christoffersen, Professor of Glaciology at Cambridge University.

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Marmolada ) is a mountain in northeastern Italy and the highest mountain of the Dolomites . It lies between the borders of Trentino and Veneto. The Marmolada is an ultra-prominent peak . (wikipedia)