2020–2021 Indian farmers’ protest – 2020 Indian farmers’ protest sitting protest.

Dozens of people staged demonstrations in the Indian cities of Bengaluru and Mumbai Monday after an environment campaigner was arrested for spreading the document on social media, in support of massive protests by farmers that stretched over months.

In a briefing on Monday, Delhi police said the “toolkit” document details a social media campaign and measures being implemented locally by January, including demonstrators invading the capital.

“She is extremely nice and accommodative, but takes her commitments (and passions) seriously,” said one male friend in Bengal, who met her after protests over human rights.

Police have arrested a 22-year-old activist with ties to Greta Thunberg, the Swedish climate change activist, and charged her with incendiary speech for allegedly creating and sharing an online document in support of the farmers “protest which had been taking place for months.

Ravi is accused of preparing and sharing a document online with a plot to help peasants, part of a police investigation into how a group of peasants stormed Delhi’s Red Fort last month in one of only a few violent incidents that occur during months of protests.

Thunberg shared the ‘toolkit’ file on Twitter, more than a week after the confrontational situation on January 26, Republic of India Day, when a farmers’ rally in the Indian capital, Delhi, turned violent and hundreds of demonstrators and police officers were hurt.

Since November, hundreds of thousands of farmers on the outskirts of the capital are protesting new farm-related laws that seek to deregulate India’s farm-based industry and open it to free-market forces.

“Disha Ravi has been arrested after following all due processes. Whether someone is 22 or 50 years old, law treats everyone equally. The court was in agreement with the decision to arrest her,”Disha Ravi

Disha Ravi was arrested after she’ d completed all due process in all courts. Whether we are 22 or 50 years old, the law treats everybody the same, and the court agreed to the decision to arrest her,”Delhi Police Chief S.N. Shrivastava said to reporters on Tuesday.

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