Hurricane Ida struck Louisiana on August 29 at winds of 240 mph, 16 years after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, almost exactly the same path.

Although the total number of hurricanes unlikely to increase due to global warming, researchers believe that the storms they cause will become more powerful and more intense as time passes.

There are multiple “rock-solid ways” in which global warming is already affecting hurricanes, Smerdon said, and the evidence ranges from the numbers.

2020 was a record year, had 30 named storms-the most ever-and twice as many hurricanes referred to as hurricanes.

Four of the Eight fastest growing storms have happened during the past five years.

Hurricanes Ida and Laura, which are both on the list, are two of the three most powerful hurricanes to ever hit Louisiana, and they happened only a year apart.

Looking ahead, we expect hurricane winds and forecasters to continue to boost tornado precipitation.

Each country will have to adapt, because all sorts of natural disasters are intensifying in proportion to rising global temperatures.

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Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida is a weakening tropical depression that became the second most intense hurricane to strike the U.S. state of Louisiana on record, only behind Hurricane Katrina, (wikipedia)

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