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A visible satellite image of Hurricane Eta making landfall in Nicaragua on November 3. Heavy rain associated with the hurricane sprawled over a massive area, encompassing much of the western and centr… – CC

Iota storm ravaged Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast and inundated portions of neighboring Honduras, which were submerged by Hurricane Eta just two weeks ago, but authorities struggled to assess the damages after communication in some of the areas was cut off.

Later, Nicaragua’s vice president and first lady Rosario Murillo said that a brothers and sister of 11 and eight were drowned in the community of La Pinuela as they were attempting to cross the swelled Solera River.

Providencia is inhabited almost exclusively by the offspring of African slaves and British colonial rulers who speak an English version of Creole as their mother tongue.

Relief organizations were having trouble reaching local contact, and the government said in a statement that at least 35 towns in the east and north did not have a telephone line.

Tens of thousands of people became homeless in Honduras, where 74 died and nearly 57.000 lived in emergency accommodation, particularly in the north.

People along the remote east coast of Honduras resumed the evacuation of damaged and inundated homes Tuesday.

With no direct flights to the mainland, the island has developed into a very visited place due to its quiet beaches and the rich marine fauna.

One of the worst hit areas was La Lima, a suburb of San Pedro Sula district, which became submerged when the Chamelecon River burst its banks.

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