La Nina brings further rain for central and eastern Australia.

Canberra, Nov 23: the bureau of Australian meteorology (BoM) announced on Tuesday that a La Nina event has firmly established itself in the tropical Pacific Ocean, transforming a stormy summer for large swathes of the East Australian nation.

Further flooding is predicted over the next couple of days with 50 to 100 millimetres of rain expected for parts of Victoria, NSW and Queensland and severe thunderstorms on its way.

‘Upcoming rain may worsen current flooding. An initial flood watch has also been issued for parts of South Australia where heavy rain may cause overland flow and disruptions to transport.’

  • Climate change may bring decent rain – but not yet for some time

Meanwhile a huge cloud mass sits over Eastern Australia bringing wet and volatile weather.

Researcher James Risbey of the Department of Oceans and Atmosphere said it was not possible to say exactly what happened in the summer.

BoM officially declared a La Nina weather event Tuesday and declared the Pacific Ocean is in a La Nina phase.

Moisture levels higher than normal due to the amount of moisture in the countryside.

Queensland University of Technology

Public research university located in the urban coastal city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. QUT is located on two campuses in the Brisbane area viz. Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove (wikipedia)

Warsaw University of Technology

Coordinates 52°13′13″N 21°0′38″E / 52.22028°N 21.01056°E / 52.22028 21.01056 The Warsaw University of Technology is one of the leading institutes of technology in Poland (wikipedia)


Queensland is a state situated in northeastern Australia, and is the second-largest and third-most populous Australian state. It is bordered by the Northern Territory, South Australia, (wikipedia)

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COVID-19 pandemic in Australia

The COVID-19 pandemic in Australia is part of the ongoing worldwide pandemic of the coronavirus disease 2019 caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 . (wikipedia)

New South Wales

New South Wales is a state on the east coast of Australia. It borders three other states, Queensland to the north, Victoria to the south, and South Australia to the west. (wikipedia)

2014–2016 El Niño event

The 2014–2016 El Niño was a warming of the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean that resulted in unusually warm waters developing between the coast of South America and the International Date Line. (wikipedia)

El Niño–Southern Oscillation

El Niño–Southern Oscillation is an irregular periodic variation in winds and sea surface temperatures over the tropical eastern Pacific Ocean, (wikipedia)

Pacific decadal oscillation

The Pacific decadal oscillation is a robust, recurring pattern of ocean-atmosphere climate variability centered over the mid-latitude Pacific basin. (wikipedia)

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