A makeshift distribution centre to give support to flooded victims has received hundreds of donations today, inspired by a handful of generous Gold Coast families.

Parts of western Sydney were spared the worst of the downpours following the reduction in rain in the area earlier than expected, but the major flooding continues and more rain will continue.

About 130.000 homes affected by a leaking Warragamba levee in Sydney’s Hawkesbury-Nepean area received some respite on Thursday afternoon, amid news that flooding was unlikely to be worse as it had been in March 2021.

Further north, the Richmond River on Thursday led to heavy floods in Coraki, Bungawalbyn and Woodburn, with peak flooding close to records set in March 1974.

In Queensland and the Commonwealth, we have worked with the State to provide further support to flood-stricken areas and have asked the Queensland Government for a list of projects that need financial resources for reconstruction.

Southeast Queensland continues to be on high alert for life-threatening flooding caused by dangerous thunderstorms, after floodwaters in the state killed nine people and damaged more than 17.000 homes.

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