A raging wildfire in California’s Napa Lake has spread to 570 acres and prompted an evacuation of the region’s vineyards and surrounding towns.

Members of the public are encouraged to avoid the area at this time.

California is prone to common wildfires, and owing to the climate crisis such incidents have worsened significantly.

May 31, 5 p.m.: A Napa County bushfire first reported about 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon threatens structures and has required forced evacuations, officials say.

Evacuations include individuals living in the Old Soda Springs and Soda Canyon Streets areas.

Smoke from the fire is reportedly visible several miles away.

Old Fire

The Old Fire was a large complex wildfire that started on October 21, 2003 , near Old Waterman Canyon Road and California State Route 18 in the San Bernardino Mountains, in San Bernardino County, (wikipedia)

Camp Fire (2018)

The Camp Fire was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California’s history, and the most expensive natural disaster in the world in 2018 in terms of insured losses. (wikipedia)

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