Germany’s new climate change minister Robert Habeck said Tuesday that the country is faced with a “huge” task if it is to meet its greenhouse gas emission reduction goals while simultaneously providing adequate power to energy-hungry industry.

Germany’s coalition government – made up of social democrats, greens, and the pro-business FDP, who succeeded Angela Merkel’s administration last month – is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 65 percent from 1990 levels by 2030.

Meanwhile, a group of environmental activists, a cardboard power station, was positioned outside the Federal Chancellery to protest against a nuclear comeback in both Germany and Europe.

Habeck said the country was “clearly short of” achieving its targets, and faced a “massive, huge” task to get back on track.

Robert Habeck

Robert Habeck is a German writer and politician serving as co-leader of Alliance ’90/The Greens since 2018 alongside Annalena Baerbock. (wikipedia)

Green Party (Sweden)

The Green Party is a political party in Sweden based on green politics. Sparked by the anti-nuclear power movement following the 1980 nuclear power referendum, (wikipedia)

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