The largest wildfire in the US extended towards the mountain holiday towns of northern New Mexico, prompting authorities to issue another string of warnings, urging additional people to evacuate.

With winds over 80 km / h blowing through deserted, dried-out forests, exhausted crews were at a loss to come to grips with a wildfire that has been raging for over a month on 45km-wide swathes of the Sangre de Cristo hills, destroying hundreds of homes.

Driven by dry vegetation, gusty winds have fuel fires through drought-stricken territory, leading to an explosive start of another devastating fire season in western America.

With heavy smoke billowing inside Angel Fire’s grocery store, Almeada Martinson said she planned to grab her photos, guns, two dogs and a cat and evacuate them to Taos, 17 miles west.

Orange County Fire Authority

The Orange County Fire Authority is the agency that provides fire protection and emergency medical services for unincorporated areas of Orange County, (wikipedia)

Silverado Fire

The Silverado Fire was a wildfire that burned in October and November 2020 in southern Orange County, California northeast of Irvine. (wikipedia)

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