In August 2006, President George W. Bush hosted seven White House press secretaries before the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room underwent renovation. From left, Joe Lockhart, Dee Dee Myers and Marlin F.

Two House Republicans are asking the White House for documents to explain why she lost her job overseeing a government-wide climate change report issued by the Obama administration.

Betsy Weatherhead, a career scientist appointed last November to head the wide-ranging National Climate Assessment, was transferred last month to the US Geological Survey, a Department for the Interior unit.

The White House refused to comment on why Weatherhead, a longtime University of Colorado climate scientist who has worked in the private sector as well, was ousted from her post.

It gave no reason nor when a successor would be named.

Comer of Kentucky and Ralph Norman of South Carolina called Weatherhead’s ouster suspicious, pointing out her decades of experience in climate science, science, and private sector.

Whitehead was previously working for Jupiter Intelligence, a firm that gives advice on managing climate change risks ahead of his White House entrance.

Comer is the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, while Norman is the most senior Republican on the panel.

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