Russia’s biggest and coldest region has been under a state of emergency for almost a month because of wildfires sweeping across hundreds of thousands of hectares.

Yakutsk, the capital of the north-eastern Russian Sakha Republic, also referred to as the Yakutia, is the coldest winter city in the world, but global warming has pushed summer temperatures here to at least 2.5 and a half times faster than the global average.

Military planes will also take part in firefighting work in three districts of Yakutia, said first deputy prime minister of the republic Dmitry Zavnikov.

Parrington said climate change helped set the stage for more fires in northern boreal forests in Siberia, Alberta, Canada, and northern Europe, all of which are warming faster than the global average.

2019 Alberta wildfires

The 2019 Alberta wildfires have been described by NASA as part of an extreme fire season in the province. In 2019 there were a total of 803,393.32 hectares , which is over 3. (wikipedia)

Copernicus Programme

Copernicus is the European Union’s Earth observation programme coordinated and managed by the European Commission in partnership with the European Space Agency , the EU Member States and EU agencies. (wikipedia)

2019 Siberia wildfires

The 2019 Siberian wildfires began in July 2019 in poorly accessible areas of northern Krasnoyarsk Krai, Sakha Republic and Zabaykalsky Krai, all in Siberia, Russia. (wikipedia)


A wildfire, bushfire, wild land fire or rural fire is an unplanned, unwanted, uncontrolled fire in an area of combustible vegetation starting in rural areas and urban areas. (wikipedia)

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