Spain and Germany battling wildfires amid unusual Europe heat wave

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  • Fire brigade workers in Spain struggled with firefighting on Sunday to contain wildfires in parts of the country that is experiencing an unaccustomed heatwave at this time of year.

The most devastating devastation was in the northwestern province of Zamora where more than 25.000 hectares of land were consumed, regional authorities said.

The fire which broke out in the Sierra de la Culebra region of Zamora has forced at least ten villages to evacuate, despite the fact that the fall in temperatures over night has slightly aided the efforts as well.

More than 500 firefighters will be assisted by fire-fighting aircraft and helicopters in the sparsely populated area.

Temperatures have risen by over 40 degrees over the course of the week – temperatures normally assumed for August – in many Spanish cities.

Experts have attributed the unusual heated period for Europe to climate change.

At one point on Sunday, the mercury rose above 38 celsius, according to the country’s National Weather Service.

Thunderstorms are set to bring cooler weather from the west from this evening.

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