The climate emergency has put the world in a great danger, but that is difficult to say when one sees the news or views the global reaction to the climate crisis, which remains lax.

Climate change is a complex issue, and one complicated to communicate.

It’s slow, it does not always feel urgent and, in many cases, there is very little satisfaction in it taking any action to assuage it.

The assumption has been for decades that citizens, leaders, and decision makers would take the issue more seriously if only more information was available on the impacts and ramifications of a warming planet.

Just as it is important to learn about the impacts of climate change, it is also important to include stories with which people can become connected and inspire.

Stories can link us with environmental crises on a deeply personal level.

It directly affects humans, and story is one of the best ways to understand and communicate that urgency.

These stories of sacrifice and courage are just one of multiple interlinked and personalized narratives we can relate to the climate crisis.

Study of global communication

The study of global communication is an interdisciplinary field focusing on global communication, or the ways that people connect, share, relate and mobilize across geographic, political, economic, (wikipedia)

Chris Kyle

Christopher Scott Kyle was a United States Navy SEAL sniper. He served four tours in the Iraq War and was awarded several commendations for acts of heroism and meritorious service in combat. (wikipedia)

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Before the Flood (film)

Before the Flood is a 2016 documentary film about climate change directed by Fisher Stevens. The film was produced as a collaboration between Stevens, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Packer, Brett Ratner, (wikipedia)

Tipping points in the climate system

A tipping point in the climate system is a threshold that, when exceeded, leads to large and often irreversible changes in the state of the system. (wikipedia)