Natural source gas is doing more to contribute to global warming than previously assumed, as tiny methane leaks are constantly occurring during service. The same study that investigated domestic oven emissions showed that natural gas source heat contributed more to global warming than previously thought.

This methane is added to the 6.8 million tons of carbon dioxide that gas cookers give off when running and the gas is burned, the study states.

What was surprising was that three-quarters of the methane released originate during kiln shutdowns, Jackson said.

They say these are emissions that the government dislikes to take into consideration.

This is a big deal because we are really trying to reduce our carbon footprint – our claim is that gas is healthier than coal, which is exactly what it is,”explains study leader Eric Lebel, a researcher at PSE Healthy Energy, an Oakland nonprofit.

But Jackson said much of the benefits vanished when leaks are considered.

Many communities have bans on the use of gas cookers for upcoming new builds that will be implemented over the coming years, including New York City and the Bay Area cities of San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Berkeley, Jackson said

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