Strong currents of cosmic solar wind were released on the sun’s surface on Sunday, April 3, and could bring further aurora borealis to Earth later this week.

By the time you type in, the sun has 61 sunspots and we are still well over three years from the solar maximum.

The eruptions have been associated with coronal mass ejections (CMEs) from the sun’s top atmosphere or corona, Britain’s weather service The Met Office has said.

The solar minimum, when the Sun’s magnetic field is weakest, and where the Sun presents minimal sunspot activity, occurs when the Sun’s magnetic poles move.

Strong geomagnetic storms that occur when CME strikes Earth can damage satellites and electronics in space.

Certain solar cycles last just over 11 years and some are slightly shorter.

On the bright side, it illustrates the captivating Northern Lights in some parts of the globe.

In 2014 a collaboration of scientists led by solar physicist Scott McIntosh from the US National Center for Atmospheric Research looked at long-term trends in the solar cycle and concluded that the 11-year span is only an average.

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