The Bureau of Meteorology is investigating if a tornado or water storm caused extensive damage south of Sydney during the weekend. The Bureau of Meteorology has issued warnings for destructive winds, torrential rain, and huge hail for portions of the state as a minor tornado tore through an area west of Sydney, injuring at least three people.

The incident was too small and brief to be predicted or tracked by weather radars, according to the weather bureau, therefore it was unable to determine the precise source of the damage. Investigations into the cause of the incident a tornado or a waterspout are still ongoing.

According to the officials, numerous areas were affected by severe thunderstorms, with Bourke in the state’s far west recording wind gusts of 85 km/h and hail up to 5 cm in diameter.

Around 40 homes in Bellambi and Corrimal, Illawarra, were struck by destructive winds on Sunday morning. 4,000 homes in the region lost power, and residents shared pictures of hailstones the size of golf balls pounded on their homes.

The roof of a condominium block was knocked down and a trampoline was flung over the power line. On Thursday evening, highways were blocked by trees and powerlines as the supercell storm passed across New South Wales before intensifying over the nearby town.

A landslide has been reported in Berkeley, scuttling roads with uprooted trees, mud, and debris. Residents in such locations are asked to pay attention to emergency department warnings.

The BOM, which is examining the cause of the catastrophic damage, has not ruled out a drop-off in water or tornado-created overwater.

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‘I’m not ruling it out completely, but it’s being investigated,’ spokeswoman Helen Reid told the ABC news network.

Till the situation gets fine, people should be aware and monitor their local locations as the situation is unstable as new Warnings are presently in effect and more storms are currently occurring over multiple places.


Sydney SID-nee; Dharug: Gadi; Greater Sydney, Dharug: Eora) is the capital city of the state of New South Wales, and the most populous city in both Australia and Oceania. (wikipedia)

Bureau of Meteorology

The Bureau of Meteorology is an executive agency of the Australian Government responsible for providing weather services to Australia and surrounding areas. (wikipedia)