New Year’s Eve could be the warmest on record for Britain, but temperatures will pick up around freezing again in beginning of January

Warm winter weather is set to come to a sudden end as the New Year comes after a ‘tropical “cloud prompted Britons to leave their coats at home.

Meteorologist Greg Dewhurst from the Met Office said: ‘The record is 14.8C on New Year’s Eve and that was in 2011. Temperatures look like they’ll be 14-15C so it is possible that temperatures could be that value.’

In the south, night temperatures are even colder at 2 or 3 degrees on average. But in the north, we find temperatures to be even worse, averaging 0 degrees.

Mr Dewhurst said weather is going to be “on the mild side” for the entire week, adding: “We’re going to see across the whole of the country, through the rest of this week, temperatures that are above average for this time of year.

The UK is currently enjoying an unusually warm end to December, with forecasters saying New Year’s Eve could be the warmest on record, with temperatures set to soar to 15C in some parts of the country.

He added both northern England and Scotland may see even freezing temperatures in the recent New Year.

The weather is set to stay balmy this week before getting somewhat colder in the New Year.

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