Firefighters examine two wildfires that broke out Thursday in the southeast of the city.

No buildings were damaged or nobody was hurt.

Firefighters were responding to a bushfire that threatened several buildings on Hal Street near Hilltop Drive and Euclid Avenue in Chollas View about 4am, according to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department.

The fire burned about 2 square miles and cost about $100 damage to the fence, said Rick Pechin, a spokesman for the Metro Arson Strike Team.

The Metro Fire Emergency team was called to investigate the nearby flames, which burned at least a quarter-hectare of vegetation.

At the time, a 30 by 30 metre area on a slope near Elwood Avenue burn close to Geneva Boulevard.

Newark Fire Department

The Newark Fire Division provides fire protection, hazardous materials services, and first responder emergency medical services to the city of Newark, New Jersey. With a population of 281, (wikipedia)

Jersey City Fire Department

The Jersey City Fire Department is the largest fire department in the state of New Jersey and provides fire protection, hazardous materials services, (wikipedia)

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