Climate of London – London on a snowy day in 2018.

The UK has recorded its third-hottest day of the year in a row, as parts of the country experienced temperatures up to 28.3C (82.9F) on Wednesday, June 2.

Northolt in west London reached the peak temperature before midday on Wednesday, beating Cardiff which recorded 26.1C (71.4F) the day before. Parts of Surrey and Kent also saw temperatures between 27C (80.6F) and 28C (82.4).

Wednesday was also the hottest day for Wales and Scotland, The Met Office said Hawarden in Wales recorded 26.5C (79.7F) and Achnagart in Scotland reached 25.4C (77.7F). Northern Ireland recorded 23.3C (73.9F) in Ballywatticock.

Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst told the PA news agency that the temperatures have peaked on Wednesday, but the rest of the week would “still be on the warm side.”

“Temperatures on Thursday are expected to be around 26 to 27C across south-east England and East Anglia. And then through the rest of the week we’ll generally see a mixture of sunny spells and a few showers, and temperatures around 24 to 25C,” said Dewhurst. “So it’s not quite as hot for the rest of the week compared to the maximum temperatures on Wednesday, but still staying above average for this time of year.”

Climate of London

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The climate of London features a temperate oceanic climate and also exhibits attributes of a humid subtropical climate during the hotter summer months. Winters are generally cool to mild, (wikipedia)

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Cardiff ), the capital city of Wales is officially known as the City and County of Cardiff. It is the United Kingdom’s eleventh-largest city, the main commercial centre of Wales, (wikipedia)