A white Halloween could be imminent this year, as temperatures will fall in the coming weeks.

This is not quite a heat wave, but it’s a warm start for October, as we’ve had average temperatures of about 14 degrees earlier in the week.

Experts at the Met Office have said the volatile weather could hit Britain by the end of October.

Thursday will be warmer in the north-east of Scotland and in England than in the south of Britain with highs around 21C.

Warm weather (and rain) will last well into the evening and temperatures will remain near 8 ° C through about midnight, as we expect to dip to 8 ° C and to rise again to 1 ° C the following day (8th).

Exacta meteorology expert James Madden said,”Between stormier periods fairly mild weather will develop.

Elsewhere, temperatures were above average in the Middle East, parts of South America and Australia.

Met Office meteorological officer Alex Deakin said: ‘We’re going to have a wet and windy spell in the next day or so but then something of a change from mid-week onwards with some parts turning drier and quite a bit warmer but at this time of year lighter winds also brings the likelihood of a bit of mist and fog.

Shipping Forecast

The Shipping Forecast is a BBC Radio broadcast of weather reports and forecasts for the seas around the coasts of the British Isles. (wikipedia)

Weather forecasting

Weather forecasting is the application of science and technology to predict the conditions of the atmosphere for a given location and time. (wikipedia)

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Met Office

The Meteorological Office, abbreviated as the Met Office is the United Kingdom’s national weather service. It is an executive agency and trading fund of the Department for Business, (wikipedia)

Indian summer

An Indian summer is a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather that sometimes occurs in autumn in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere during September to November. (wikipedia)