Well conserved Ice Age woolly rhino found in Siberia

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Chukchi, one of many indigenous peoples of Siberia. Representation of a Chukchi family by Louis Choris (1816) – CC

Scientists in Siberia have identified a well-preserved Ice Age woolly rhinoceros that presumably prowled the far north of Russia thousands of years ago, local media reported on Wednesday.

A preserved Ice Age woolly rhinoceros with many of its internal organs has been salvaged from the permafringe in the far north of Russia.

Russian palaetontologist Valery Plotnikov said the young rhino was fully discovered with all limbs, some organs, including some of the gut, tusk, fat clump and even its wool, Yakutia news agency reported.

Television channel Yakutia 24 quoted Valery Plotnikov, a paleontologist from Russia’s regional department of the Russian Academy of Science, as saying the young rhino is believed to have been three or four years old when it died.

Researchers said the example was 34.000 years old.

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