Crews and managers will have to make a decision when to board planes, at what time of day they can best handle the flames, whether to evacuate residents, and how to put out fires even if they do.

There are thousands of wildfires igniting every year in the United States, each requiring rapid fire-fighting decisions, often in challenging conditions like high winds and lightning.

What’s the best time of day to fight a fire?

In the West, where many of the nation’s largest fires are raging, all of these are occurring in a context of persistent droughts and other climatic conditions that has made the fires more destructive.

2021 California wildfires

The 2021 California wildfire season is an ongoing series of wildfires that have burned across the state of California. As of August 20, 2021, a total of 6,630 fires have been recorded, burning 1,470, (wikipedia)

Thomas Fire

The Thomas Fire was a massive wildfire that affected Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, and one of multiple wildfires that ignited in southern California in December 2017. (wikipedia)

Dixie Fire

The Dixie Fire is an active wildfire in Butte, Plumas and Lassen Counties, California. It is named after the road where it started. (wikipedia)

California wildfires

This is a partial and incomplete list of California wildfires. California has dry, windy, (wikipedia)

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