Plumtaw Fire Increases Slightly as Crews Fight Fire Into Wednesday

Residents in the evacuation area of the high-rise blaze will be able to return home about 10 a.m. on Wednesday, according to the Teller County Sheriff’s Bureau.

The fire was extinguished about 150 feet around 150: 150 a.m. on Sunday night at 4 Mile Road (645 Forest Service Road), but fire teams put out the blaze, forcing a low intensity fire off the road to confront the fire, creating a buffer.

By Wednesday evening, the fire had consumed more than 5.400 acres and was 70% contained.

Information relating to curbing the Plumtaw fire was not available early Wednesday afternoon.

As of Thursday, the Lakemoor Subdivision, Cripple Creek Ranches, and the area around Mt.. Pisgah are under mandatory evacuation orders.


A wildfire, forest fire, bushfire, wildland fire or rural fire is an unplanned, uncontrolled fire in an area of combustible vegetation starting in rural and urban areas. (wikipedia)

Waldo Canyon Fire

The Waldo Canyon fire was a forest fire that started approximately 4 miles northwest of Colorado Springs, Colorado on June 23, 2012, and was declared 100 percent contained on July 10, 2012, (wikipedia)

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