A wildfire in New Jersey that has burned at least 12.000 acres is threatening to become the largest wildfire in the Garden State in 15 years, authorities said.

Many people in Ocean County who wake up and step outside this morning get a taste of what smells of campfires on their yards. That’s how we go for an early afternoon shower.

New Jersey Forest Fire Service chief Greg McLaughlin says Crews are taking an indirect approach to fighting the wildfire by burning out all the vegetation around the blaze to prevent it from traveling more widely in all directions.

Parts of Route 206 and Route 542 were closed for good.

The village of Batsto, and its hiking and mountain biking trails, are closed to the public.

Eighteen buildings remain under danger but are under protection of local volunteers, the forest fire department said.

The NWS at Mount Holly received multiple reports from coastal New Jersey on Monday, particularly near Atlantic City, in areas whose smoke was pushed onto coastlines by winds.

It is recommended to reduce the practice outdoors until the smoke conditions have improved.

New Jersey Forest Fire Service

The New Jersey Forest Fire Service is an agency within the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Founded in 1906 with a focus on wildland fire suppression and fire protection, (wikipedia)