A wildfire sweeping the drought-stridden state of Oregon in the US has spread to such a size it is encroaching the size of LA and generating its own weather.

Extreme heat and drought have fueled raging wildfires across the Western United States that have charred more than a million acres of land, required evacuations, and created an atmosphere of smoke visible from space.

“The Bootleg” according to the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, has been by far the biggest of 80 major active wildfires that have raked over 1.2 million acres in 13 states along the way.

Bootleg Fire Is the Biggest Fire in the Country

“The fire is so large and generating so much energy and extreme heat that it’s changing the weather,”Marcus Kauffman

“The fire is so large and generating so much energy and extreme heat that it’s changing the weather,” said Marcus Kauffman, a state Forest Service spokesman.

The conditions have fueled the Bootleg Fire in southern Oregon, the country’s biggest firefighting wildfire.

A lightning strike near Alpine County, Calif., and in the community of Markleeville, triggered the fire, triggering mandatory evacuations for a string of campgrounds and residential areas in the area and leading to road closures.

Evacuations have been ordered in that area, and a fire has already destroyed two buildings and threatened more than 800.

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Florida National Guard

The Florida National Guard is the National Guard force of the state of Florida. It comprises the Florida Army National Guard and the Florida Air National Guard. (wikipedia)

Air National Guard

The Air National Guard , also known as the Air Guard, is a federal military reserve force of the United States Air Force, as well as the militia air force of each U.S. state, (wikipedia)

2017 California wildfires

In terms of property damage, 2017 was the most destructive wildfire season on record in California at the time, surpassed by only the 2018 season, with a total of 9,560 fires burning 1,548, (wikipedia)

2021 Washington wildfires

The 2021 Washington wildfire season officially began in March 2021. By late April, (wikipedia)

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Carr Fire

The Carr Fire was a large wildfire that burned in Shasta and Trinity Counties in California, United States. The fire burned 229,651 acres , before it was 100% contained late on August 30, 2018. (wikipedia)

Camp Fire (2018)

The Camp Fire was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California’s history, and the most expensive natural disaster in the world in 2018 in terms of insured losses. (wikipedia)

Tubbs Fire

The Tubbs Fire was a wildfire in Northern California during October 2017. At the time, the Tubbs Fire was the most destructive wildfire in California history, burning parts of Napa, Sonoma, (wikipedia)

August Complex fire

The August Complex was a massive wildfire that burned in the Coast Range of Northern California, in Glenn, Lake, Mendocino, Tehama, Trinity, and Shasta Counties. (wikipedia)

National Interagency Fire Center

The National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho is the physical facility which is the home to the National Interagency Coordination Center , and the National Multi-Agency Coordination group . (wikipedia)

California National Guard

The California National Guard is part of the National Guard of the United States, a dual federal-state military reserve force. The CA National Guard has three components: the CA Army National Guard, (wikipedia)