Here’s a summary of nature climate change news from June 2024 based on the journal Nature Climate Change:

Gap in Carbon Dioxide Removal

A major analysis found a gap between the amount of carbon dioxide removal pledged by countries and what’s needed to meet the Paris Agreement goals [1]. This highlights the need for steeper emissions cuts alongside increased investment in carbon capture technologies.

The Importance of Fruit-Eating Animals

Researchers showed how large frugivore animals (frugivores) can play a significant role in restoring forests by dispersing seeds with high carbon storage potential [1]. This emphasizes the importance of protecting these animals for natural climate solutions.

Climate Damage Projections

A study pointed out that current economic assessments of climate change damage only consider annual average temperatures. Factoring in temperature and precipitation extremes results in a bleaker picture, with greater projected losses to global GDP, especially for vulnerable regions [1].

Shipping Emissions Reduction Potential

Researchers analyzed the potential for reducing emissions from international shipping. Their findings suggest a significant decrease is possible by 2050 through the use of biofuels, renewable alcohols, and green ammonia as substitutes for conventional fuels [1].

Health Impacts of Climate Change in Europe

An article highlighted the growing body of research on the link between rising temperatures and increased deaths and diseases across Europe [5]. This underscores the urgency of addressing climate change for public health reasons.

These are just some of the key findings on nature and climate change published in Nature Climate Change in June 2024.

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