The Andalucian regional government said on Sunday that another two towns would be evacuated as a conflagration rages near a popular resort on the Costa del Sol.

Fueled by high winds and high temperatures, the flames have displaced more than 1.000 people and killed one emergency worker since erupting on Wednesday in mountainous Sierra Bermeja above Estepona, a Mediterranean popular with British tourists and retirees.

The Military Emergency Management Unit would assist firefighters in Sierra Bermeja, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said.

The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced the dispatch of an emergency military unit to help with the fight against the fire.

The Andalusia Regional Forest Administration said 365 firefighters, assisted by 41 aircraft and 25 vehicles, were attempting to contain the flames.

Footage released by rescue crews showed firefighters trying to contain flames in the dry treetop ground.

Residents have already been forced to leave their homes due to the low-level smoke that is billowing out.

“The evacuation is taking place with maximum security measures and before a possible unfavourable evolution of the fire in that area,” the regional authority said in a statement.


Estepona is a town and municipality in the comarca of the Costa del Sol, southern Spain. It is located in the province of Málaga, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia. (wikipedia)


Andalusia is the southernmost autonomous community in Peninsular Spain. It is the most populous and the second largest autonomous community in the country. (wikipedia)

Costa del Sol

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The Costa del Sol located in Spain, in the south of the province of Malaga and in the eastern part of Campo de Gibraltar, in the province of Cádiz, in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. (wikipedia)

Prime Minister of Spain

The President of the Government of Spain , commonly referred to in Spain as Presidente del Gobierno, and known in English as the Prime Minister of Spain, is the Head of Government of Spain. (wikipedia)

European Commission

The European Commission is the executive branch of the European Union, responsible for proposing legislation, enforcing EU laws and directing the union’s administrative operations. (wikipedia)